Everyday graphic design debut

So, down to my offficial assignment for this class: taking inventory of the graphic design work around me. I am to always carry my camera (easy peasy) and take pictures of examples of the graphic design work around me (easier said than done — I always forget about taking pictures) Some categories include advertising, promotion, identity, packaging, publications and information.

This week’s entry is a movie poster that I really love. I have to write a paragraph describing my selection, and I’m putting the questions with this week’s, so that I don’t have to keep consulting my paper. First, however, exhibit A:

Time Traveler's Wife

Describe what it is: a movie poster for the Time Traveler’s Wife, which was released in theaters a few weeks ago.

Describe its function: to advertise the movie, and get people interested in seeing it. This is done using the romantic aspect of the story.

Describe where you saw it: first on the wall in a movie theater, as a promo, but later I pulled it off the internet and even at one point made it my desktop background.

Discuss the style of the design and typography: The design on this one is dreamy, and puts you in mind of something almost surreal. The way the actors are positioned puts you in mind of something very intimate, and the bedsheets Rachel McAdams is wearing contribute to that. The serif typography accentuates the design, making you think of something classic and timeless, although incidentally it is also the same typeface that chick-fil-a uses. The movie is based on a book, and I think that the typeface also puts you in mind of the book.

Discuss the quality of the artwork: well, Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana look flawless as always, I think they’re both very beautiful people. What really makes this artwork work, though, is the background of blue and orange blurry dots. To me, it almost shows how the two are separated from time. It puts you in mind of night and day and the overlap of the two when Eric Bana’s character travels through time.

Discuss what attracted you to the piece: First and foremost, I was attracted to the piece because I loved the book The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. Whenever a movie is based on a book, I’ll usually look at the title and say, “Yay! I loved that book!” or “Gross why would they make that book into a movie?” and the reply I usually get was, “I didn’t even know that WAS a book.” But I digress. I am also a huge fan of Rachel McAdams, so that also attracted me to the poster, but the biggest factor was just that the poster is very aesthetically pleasing, at least to me. I’m looking for a poster to hang in my room but don’t feel like paying almost $30 so maybe I’ll just print one out at Langford. But I digress again.

I thought it was appropriate for me to start my graphic design project with a piece of design I’ve been in love with pretty much all summer. Now I can move on to things I just randomly see around campus, or new things that catch my eye.


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