Crazy week

I can’t believe my third week of school is already over. Tests haven’t started, because this semester for me is more about projects than tests. I have already had three projects and two papers. In between I’ve been doing Battalion stuff and Legett Hall Council stuff. And watching Gilmore Girls. It’s my relaxation. See, my new roommate is obsessed with Gilmore Girls and has all the seasons, and watches all the time so now I’m hooked. I’m on the fourth season now, but I skipped one and half of two.

Speaking of tv, I’m very excited about Monday because Heroes and The Big Bang Theory are starting. Both of which I watch, along with Grey’s Anatomy.

This weekend I have much more to look forward too than just tv shows, however. On Saturday is the football game, and a Legett meeting with my hall director, and an editor’s retreat at the Batt, with prizes. Woohoo! Then Sunday is first cut for bonfire, which is going to be absolutely AMAZING! then a Battalion meeting at 6.

I’ve already started losing sleep, which is understandable but unfortunate. In between all the stuff I’m doing this weekend I’m going to do my resume and work on my logo, which I’m really excited. I’m a little concerned about how to do the design on my resume, because I want it to be neat and easy to read, but not exactly like everyone else’s, either. Maybe I’ll just find a typeface that’s unusual, but still me. And classic-looking, because that’s what I think of when I think of resumes.

Anyway, my next post will be about designs, and will be immediately after this. I just wanted to talk a little about my week.


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