Fall is here

So…it’s been rainy and gray the past few days…and getting colder. I’m not a fan of the getting colder, but the rainy I like. On an unrelated topic, due to my bonfire outing on Sunday, my allergies are now acting up in a ridiculous fashion. I’m all stuffy, my throat’s sore, and I’m talking like a man. Or at least not like me.

Been busy waiting till the last minute to finish all my projects. Except for the resume. For some reason, I’m really pumped about that. I haven’t changed the business card though, or done much with the envelope. But I had three query letters to write that I started an hour and a half before they were due. Incidentally, I also finished an hour before they were due, but that’s just because it was a lot easier to write those three pages than I thought. I haven’t even started my adobe illustrator project in my multimedia class, but I did do two pages in my floral design portfolio two hours before it was due.

I’m at work now, being bored and watching the volleyball girls play Nebraska. We won the first set, fyi. Can’t think anymore, so I’m going to stop here.


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