The classics

My graphic design photo for this week was hanging from Cushing Library. It’s advertising an exhibit of theirs. It was hanging on the front of the building, taking most of the room, in fact.

SDC10555The style is very classic, very medieval. It puts you in mind of what Don Quixote would have looked like if he’d been text instead of a person. The three banners complement each other nicely, the side two having big iconic images of don Quixote, namely the windmill and him on his horse. The middle one has his name bigger, and underneath a stylized cutout of him with a lance. The way they juxtaposed the text and the images, but made each of the elements on each banner the same size, really works. The quality of the artwork is very nice, too, it’s made to look like an actual old photograph. I was first attracted to the piece just because it was so large. But it was also visually interesting, so it’s generally what I observe anytime I’m going through that square.


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