So, big announcement: I quit my job at the Battalion. I think I still have to finish out the week, but after that I’m through. I’m still going to work at the Aggieland Yearbook, though. I just got overwhelmed with things, and copy editing stories was what I decided to cut. The hours were long and unflexible.

On another note, I’m still all stuffy. And now I have a really bad cough. But, on the whole, I feel better than I have most of the last week.

On yet another note, I had my first test in Horticulture today. Most of my classes don’t have tests this semester, so it was notable if only for that.

There’s a lot of chores I need to get done around the dorm, like change my fish’s water because she stopped eating and I can’t think of anything else to do, wash my dishes, and do my laundry. And clean my closet up a little. I think my lists of things to do have gotten even more disorganized this semester. I have stuff written in my planner, I have this program on my computer called HottNotes that I write in, and I also just leave post-it notes with to-dos on my desk. Needless to say, I miss things. But that just makes things a little more exciting, now doesn’t it?

Me and the roomie have been bonding. I found out she loves Ray Stevens, this folk singer that does a lot of humorous songs. I’ve always loved him, but most people don’t get it. Also, she got me hooked on Gilmore Girls. I just finished the fourth season, and the fourth season finale is thus far my favorite episode.

Speaking of television shows, mine have started up again. I watch Heroes, Grey’s Anatomy, and The Big Bang Theory (my favorite). I also watch Lost, but it hasn’t started up again yet. Usually I just watch them online whenever I have time, because my schedule is too erratic to actually watch them when they come on the tv. Thank goodness for the Internet, that’s all I have to say.

Nothing else to report, I hope you liked all the little unrelated snippets of my life.


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