This week’s graphic design is fairly boring — it’s a sign. But signs are graphic design too, because they have to communicate important messages to passersby.SDC10558I saw it on Military Walk (it’s actually on the same route as my typographic journey). The style of the typography is very no-nonsense. They used all-caps to try to get across the importance of the message, and to catch people’s attention. They used neon colors for the same reason, and so you can see it at night. The caution is inversed to draw extra attention to that. The quality of the artwork is blah. I don’t like this sign much, which is one reason it’s up here. It’s too in-your-face, and there are too many things trying to grab my attention at once. I get a headache from looking at this sign too long. I think the color first drew me to look at the sign, plus the fact that I walk right past it almost every day.


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