Life has been very crazy lately — I have ten thousand things on my to-do list, and sleep isn’t one of them. I saw someone’s facebook status that said for the next 24 hours it was haiku day, so I wrote some, but didn’t want to post them, but since no one really reads this blog except for Donna, I thought I’d post them here.

dreary day outside
Wearing invisible cloak,
I walk by myself

getting stuff doneskies:
procrastinate ’til the end
panic mode sets in

bamboo shoots of green
blend with water, rocks, and pot
peaceful and serene

The first two were how I was feeling when I wrote them, the third what I thought of when I saw my plant. Anyway, for some reason I’m just really depressed right now, and if I write anything else it will not be good, so I’ll just sign off. Maybe I’ll take a nap. That always makes me feel better.


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