I saw this upright banner in the horticulture building and fell in love with it.

The glare on the photo is pretty bad, but you get the idea. I love the flower cutout at the bottom, and the way they alternated between regular and italic text. I’ve also always been a fan of ragged left text, even though it doesn’t always work, I think it looks nice here. I just love the simplicity of this banner, and the white on black. It’s an advertisement for A&M’s floriculture program, and it was part of a promotional event they held. There were actually three banner, I got pictures of two of them. Here’s the other one:

I actually like the first one better, because the flower is coming from the side instead of the bottom, which is more unusual and to me makes the banner more dynamic. Also, the flower in the first one is white instead of red, which goes with the theme more in my opinion.


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