The many faces of Google

So, I haven’t seen anything picture-worthy on campus in a while, so I decided to search for some graphic design on the internet. I was looking around on google, when all of a sudden I thought, ‘Hey wait a minute! what about Google?’ So here’s their logo:

It’s so simple, but very versatile. I know Donna doesn’t like the drop shadow, but here, combined with the embossed, it just works. I’m not sure how they got their color scheme, or how I feel about reusing the blue and red, but not the yellow or the random green in there (cause red, blue and yellow are all primary colors, which makes the green the odd one out). But it’s another of those with instant recognition.

My other favorite part of the Google logo is how adaptable it is. For special occasions and on certain days they always redesign it specifically for that day. Here’s one of my favorites:

I love the cookie-ness of the logo, and they usually do a really good job of incorporating cool aspects, here the way cookie monster’s eyes become the O’s. They still manage to keep some aspects the same, however, for instance, you can see how the drop shadow is still there and so is the embossed-ness (I don’t know the noun form of emboss). This was part of a series to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Sesame street.

I go to a lot just to see what their logo looks like for that day, and even when it’s the normal one I’m not disappointed because of the quality and timelessness of their logo. It’s definitely one of my top 10 favorite logos.


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