Too hot? Too cold? Just write!

I am marking my return to WordPress (after about a year hiatus because I became busy with my studies).

My reasons:
1) because it’s summer and I am notoriously lazy in the summer, and need something to keep my creative juices flowing.
2) because my best friend Sivils is making a blog for similar reasons and this way we can be blog buddies!
3) because WordPress is the perfect place to take all my random thoughts and ideas, and put them together in a cluttered conglomerate of emotion. Over the past year I’ve had ups, downs, and plenty of sideways, and I’ve been writing and thinking and creating poetry, and this is the place to put all of it! (Well, MOST of it, anyway.)

I chose the perfect time to get back on, because WordPress just unveiled their “Just Write” feature, which I feel was specifically tailored to moi. They made it easy and fun to make blog posts, and I am completely undistracted right now as I write this because it’s nothing but the keyboard, me and the white screen. And my mind, which is a confusing enough place to be in without all the little buttons and features covering the page.

So get ready for daily updates about my life, my work, my random ideas, and yes, possibly even my eating habits. I know you will be reading enraptured.

Sneak peek: Next Saturday my sister, Marisa, is getting married! I’m a bridesmaid. Tonight is the bachelorette party. That’s right, stuff’s about to go down. Get all the juicy updates only at WordPress and my blog, Is There Such a Thing as Uninteresting Design?


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