Post-wedding jitters?

My sister now has a different last name than I do. Weird. She became Marisa Leean Denton this past Saturday, May 28. The wedding was wonderful, and updates have arrived, as I promised. I’ll start with the bachelorette party, the weekend before.

Now, something you have to know about my sister is that she is one of the least girly people that I know, who still happens to be female. She also hates following convention, and so the typical bachelorette party for us was immediately out. Instead, we went and saw Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Welbie, her maid of honor, was able to dress her up, if somewhat atypically, however; she wore a pirate hat and a hot pink feather boa. We, the guests, sported pink rings that glowed red. The movie was excellent – how could it not be, when our row of the theater was filled with giggling girls who possessed glowing rings? Johnny Depp was sexy, as always.

He can shiver my timbers anytime
He can shiver my timbers anytime - ok, inappropro time over.

After the movie we all went back to the apartment and watched the best parts of 5 chick flicks – aka, the romance parts. It was quite fun, except somehow I was put in charge of skipping through the scenes each time, I have no idea why (It certainly couldn’t have been because I’ve seen all of them so many times).

Anyway, fun but mostly uneventful bachelorette party – fast forward to the wedding! It was super hectic. And I was in heels for far too long, my feet still haven’t forgiven me. Marisa looked beautiful, of course, and so did the bridesmaids, if I do say so myself. My aunt Carolyn made her wedding dress, but don’t worry she’s a seamstress, it looked gorgeous. Marisa wore my aunt Laura’s veil, which had a huge bow on it, but Marisa pulled it off. My cousin Wendy made the wedding cake, so you could say it was a family effort.

Marisa and John in wedded bliss
Marisa and John in wedded bliss

While we’re on the subject of weddings, there sure has been a lot of them lately. Four of my friends have gotten married in the past week (including Marisa) and another one is getting married this weekend. Weddings are lovely, and most girls just swoon over them, but for me they’re also bittersweet because they remind me that I haven’t found my soulmate yet, and I’m no closer than I was five years ago, with not much hope that I’ll be any closer five years from now.

True, I didn’t have much time to dwell on this during the wedding, I was too busy focusing on Marisa and being a good bridesmaid (and trying not to trip in my heels). But now that the wedding’s over, with Marisa on her honeymoon in Canada, it’s all I can think about. Sure, there’s lots of platitudes about how you only find love when you stop looking for it, you don’t need a man to be happy and, my favorite, you’re a wonderful girl who any guy would be lucky to have, but that doesn’t take away the reality. It makes me feel better momentarily, but soon enough I’m back to worrying about my man-catching ability.

So I guess it’s not post-wedding jitters as much as post-wedding blues, but at least it’s me feeling them and not Marisa! I’m sure she’s happier than she’s been in her whole life right now, and for that I AM glad.


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