Mardi Gras World

As promised, all my parade float adventures, here for your viewing pleasure!

Me and Wonder Woman

Me and Wonder Woman, chillin’ like villains … er, superheroes! She’s a little beat up, a lot of the floats definitely were, I’m pretty sure this is more like an archive of parade floats, not the actual ones they use.

Me and Iron Man

Me and Iron Man. That’s right, we’re pretty awesome. In the background you can see some of the other parade floats, like Captain America, a giant dragon, Goldilocks and Baby Bear, the selection for the parade was extremely varied.

Me and Captain America

Speaking of Captain America, here’s us together. We’re kind of in love, no big deal. I don’t know how many of you have sensed yet that I have a thing for superheroes. Loved the movie, too, I saw it this past weekend in theaters.

Ooh, pretty flower!

As a break from all these photos of, well, me, here’s one of a really pretty flower that was still in really good shape. What a great parade it must be!

Me and the Potato Heads

Aaaand, back to me. Here’s me and Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, what a happy couple! They look like they’ve been through a lot, but they still have all their parts!

All the gang of the Wizard of Oz

And, finally, me and Brianna, the friend I made at Ag Media Summit, pose in front of the gang of Wizard of Oz. I wonder where Toto is?


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