Told you I was bad at this

See, this is why I started a blog now instead of later. I’m still practicing, and I’m still terrible at coming up with topics. I never know what to talk about, which is weird because if you know me personally you know I always have something to talk about. If you have any topics you think I should discuss (or start a weekly themed blog, like Sivils), please enlighten me, I’d love to hear your thoughts. In the meantime, you’re just going to have to hear more about me!

Work is going really well, I like figuring things out on my own, it’s really frustrating when I have no idea how to do something, but really rewarding when the job gets done. And I’m definitely not afraid to ask for help, I don’t know what I would have done without my IT people! Great advice: make friends with your IT people and your life will be so much easier.

Speaking of great advice, I spent the last week in New Orleans at the Ag Media Summit, a conference for ag. communicators all over the nation. There were a lot of great seminars and speakers who helped me learn a lot and have a wonderful time! Some were informative, some were inspiring, and yes, a few were painfully boring, but I made it through, ate really well, and am now back in good ol’ College Station. I definitely have a passion for travelling, and driving there all I did was stare at the beautiful scenery on the way. The highlight of the journey, I think, was the 18-mile bridge over the Atchafalaya Basin, it was absolutely breathtaking, and how incredible to be over water in a car for almost 20 miles! ‘Oh, what a crazy world we live in’ has been my motto lately, and with good reason!

Atchafalaya Basin

Now, the reason I’m not making a travel post all about my New Orleans trip, is because we didn’t really get out much. Mostly I saw the inside of the Marriott. Now, we did go to Mardi Gras World, where they store the parade floats, and I took a ton of pictures, so tomorrow I think I’ll post some of my favorites! Other than that, however, I don’t really have any well-travelled tips, or recommended places to visit.

The last session of the conference, however, was a collaborative effort, where everyone was encouraged to give their best advice, and here are some of my favorites:

Don’t take yourself too seriously! *** A positive attitude will get you anywhere *** If you don’t try, you’re not going to get anywhere *** Send thank you notes *** Take the time to learn the shortcuts for the computer programs you use often (that one was actually the one I gave!) *** Don’t be afraid to ask questions *** Always read the directions! *** Write as if what you write will live on forever *** Set big goals for yourself *** Never have any regrets!

So, now that I’ve filled your day up with exclamation marks, I bid you adieu! (That’s right, I couldn’t resist.)


One thought on “Told you I was bad at this

  1. The drive over the Atchafalaya Basin was always one of my favorites 🙂 I’m assuming y’all took I-10 all the way to New Orleans, so you missed out on one of my other Louisiana favorites. When I lived in Baton Rouge, we took a different route to New Orleans. That route took us over the causeway (a miles-long bridge) that spanned Lake Poncthartrain.

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