Cause it’s National Coffee Day

That’s right. National Coffee Day. And as a newly-converted coffee drinker, I felt obliged to include some sort of tribute to it on my blog. So, here it is: My list of things you need to make a great cup of coffee.

Coffee: Basic ingredient number one. The big kahuna. Whether you like ’em pre-ground or you have one of those fancy little machines that grinds them for you, coffee beans are a must when you’re drinking coffee. There are a ton of different kinds out there, you can taste test a bunch to find the perfect one for you, or just go with whatever’s cheapest. My coffee of choice is Folger’s Breakfast Blend: Smooth and Mellow.

A coffeemaker: Again, there a ton of different kinds. You can spring for a regular, cheap coffeemaker, where you put a filter in and then the grounds and add the water, and ten minutes later voila! You have coffee! You can also purchase a French press, another simple coffee brewing device. If you have lots of cash, and want to make things easy when you make coffee, you can buy a Keurig coffee maker, where you buy special single-serving coffee dispensers, put it in the maker, add water and push the button! Keurig comes in lots of different gourmet flavors, as well. My coffee maker of choice is Black and Decker. Simple. Basic. Makes my coffee.

Sugar: Now, unless you like your coffee black (and I don’t know why you would, that stuff is nasty), you’re going to need to sweeten it up a bit. I choose to add a spoonful of sugar to my coffee. The calorie-conscious can also choose Splenda, Sweet-n-low, or another sugar substitute.

Creamer: Again, unnecessary for all you black coffee freaks out there, but for the rest of us, coffee creamer makes your coffee creamy and delicious, not to mention cooling it down slightly so it goes from boiling to merely scalding right out of the maker. You can get liquid or powder, although unless you’re buying in bulk, liquid’s definitely the way to go. Here’s where the flavors really take off. There are dozens of types of creamer, mostly involving words like ‘mocha’ or ‘caramel’ in some combination. You can also get random flavors like almond joy, and cinnabon. I prefer basic French Vanilla, it adds just the right sweetness to my coffee.

A mug: Last, but not least, you need something to drink your coffee out of. Yes, you could just use any old cup, but why bother when there are so many cute and charming coffee mugs out there? Let everyone know the kind of person you are through your mug, whether it’s a crazy football fan, a witty writer, or the World’s Best Boss. My coffee mug gives my lots of encouragement, it says “You’re the Best,” and has suns and flowers all over it.

So, what kind of coffee drinker are you? Do you prefer not to deal with the hassle of any of this, and buy your coffee from Starbucks, McDonald’s, or Dunkin’ Donuts? Leave a comment!


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