Time is fleeting … and so is my blog title, apparently

So, I again haven’t posted in a month, but this time it’s due not to my inability to focus on anything for more than five minutes (unless it’s REALLY shiny), but rather to the fact that I have no idea where that month went. The last thing I knew I was sweating it out in September weather and writing an essay a week for my adult education class. Now, my class is almost over, the weather is (slightly) cooler and I feel like someone hit me over the head and stole my month. I’m going to put out a warrant. I want it back.

For my two faithful readers, I promised a life update. (Even though I see you guys like every day, seriously how am I so interesting that you could read about me on the internet AND stand to be in my company for more than an hour at a time?)

Tonight is my pinning ceremony for AEC, which I am surprisingly extremely excited about. Basically, if you meet a ton of requirements in my organization, the Aggie Experience Council, you can get this tiny pin that you will never, ever wear. Well, I worked my tuckus off (that’s right, tuckus) and met all of the requirements, and now I’m going to get pinned. And, yes, I do in fact feel that I’ve transported back to the 1950s and some letterman is asking me to be his girlfriend. (That, or I’ve decided to go into wrestling and am really bad at it.)

He may be small, but he's scrappy. And about to die.
He may be small, but he's scrappy. And about to die.

Other things I’ve been doing lately mostly involve the Internet. I discovered Cracked.com and The Bloggess and now spend WAY too much of my day reading articles. In between laughing at stuff on the Internet I actually had time to read a book or two. (Teaser: My next few blog posts are all going to book reviews because November appears to be the month that all of my favorite authors release new books.) Social-media-wise I upped my Klout score, am hoping to get the new media editor at The Battalion, Jason Syptak, to teach me all about FourSquare, and still have yet to hear Tom Fritz’s awesome social media talk. (“But Kalee,” you say, “how can you know it will be awesome if you haven’t heard it yet?” My reply? Because it’s Tom Fritz. Duh.)

Oh, and in tiny little news, hardly important to me at all, I barely remembered to add it, the 2011 Aggieland Yearbook came out. I mean, seriously, who even reads those things anymore? (This is where you jump in and say, “OHMIGOSH! THE YEARBOOK! THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER!”) Aw, shucks, you guys are the best. I’m blushing. But for reals. Buy one.

You may have also noticed that I changed my Blog Title. The primary reason for this was because the old one was way too long. Who takes the time to read all that? I have more important things to do. So, since the whole reason I made a blog is to show that all design, good or bad, has a purpose, I changed it to “Everything is design.” Because in this day and age, wherever we look we see design. The book you’re reading? The typeface was specifically selected for readability. The restaurant you’ll go for dinner? From the building itself (architects, anyone?) to the way the chairs and tables are arranged, to the food, a conscious or subconscious decision went into placement and arrangement, hence, design. The girl sitting next to you in class? Why, yes, she did spend half an hour in front of the mirror this morning, pulling up her hair, putting on mascara, picking an eyeshadow. Design.

In other, other news, yes, I did just discover WordPress’s link function.

And, in case my post hasn’t been spastic enough for you, here’s a random image I found on Pinterest. Not coincidentally, this is me. You’re welcome.

Whoever woke me up is going to die.
Awwww. I mean, I'm so scared!

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