Thanks for every day

So thanksgiving has come and gone and as I sit around for the next week eating the rest of the turkeys my family cooked (yes, there were three), I started thinking about the meaning of Thanksgiving. We’re meant to be thankful for the good things in our lives. But on a holiday, when everyone’s already in a better mood and there’s lots of good food around, isn’t it easy to be thankful? So are we really putting out any effort here?

In case you didn't know what it is, there's a caption included

Then again, this Thanksgiving didn’t exactly go my way. While I did have fun with my family, luck wasn’t on my side this week and I wasn’t feeling very thankful on Thursday. But isn’t that the time when it’s most important to be thankful for what you do have? When the deck’s not stacked in your favor, shouldn’t that be when you count your blessings because however bad things are, you still have good things in your life. So, with that in mind, I compiled a list of things I’m thankful for this month. And to be even more cliche, there’s one for every day in november.

— My family (all of them, even the ones that annoy me sometimes)

— A good book (the most recent one I read was by Terry pratchett)

— A hot cup of coffee (with sugar and cream, cause that’s the way I like it)

— Christmas lights that twinkle in all the colors of the rainbow

Ooooh, sparkly

— Naps

— Sivils’ laugh (and the way her face scrunches up when she’s trying not to)

— Welbie’s hugs (and the love they come with)

— Marisa’s cooking (and yes, I am shamelessly pandering to the people who I know read my blog)

— The small head that rested on my shoulder on the long drive to Abilene

— Rain (all kinds)

— Stained glass windows

— The way boys smell right after they’ve showered and put on deodorant

— Lilies

— Scarves

— Bacon

— Adele (I love her music, don’t hate)

— Sitting outside on a warm afternoon listening to the birds

— The way the wind blows on my face when I’m on a boat on the lake

— Fluffy puppies

— My blog

— The Aggieland Yearbook

— Legett

— Shopping

— Snuggling

— Kirvin, my koala

— Sudoku

— Really good movies, the kind that suck you into their world for two hours of your time

— Kittens that curl up in your lap and sleep

Two little orange balls of fluff and cuteness. Fluffy cuteness.

— Fightin’ Texas Aggie Bonfire

— Being alive because the world is an amazing and wonderful place

If there’s something you’re thankful for or if you, too, would like random compliments throughout my posts, leave a comment!


One thought on “Thanks for every day

  1. I just have to say You are Awesome! You just made me feel guilty and then completely better about the bad mood I was in on Thanksgiving! Thank you! I love you!!!

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