Back to my Roots

I’m out. I’M BACK! (click here for humorous, unrelated reference.) This blog has been gone a long time, but now that I’ve entered my second year of graduate school, and my second year as the editor in chief of the Aggieland Yearbook, I’ve decided to try a second year of consistently blogging. For the first post back, I’d like to look at my roots again, design.

This year’s yearbook is going to be completely different from anything we’ve ever done before. I’m looking at everything in a new way, and right now I’m sitting at my giant Mac computer reading Communication Arts, an excellent graphic design magazine.

Communication Arts cover
Communication Arts cover


I’m picking out a font for the yearbook. (Well, a sans serif font – the serif, headline font will be Cheltenham.) I saw a quote in the magazine that really conveys how I feel about fonts, and thought I’d share it:

“Trying new typefaces is one of the few sources of true excitement in my life.” – Michael Bierut


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