The Crash

Have you ever been having a busy, happy day when all of a sudden you stop for like five minutes and then get really depressed all of a sudden? That happens to me more often than is good for me.  I call it “the crash.”

I thrive on activity. I love having 20 things to do and organizing them all throughout my day. I get simple joy out of continuously moving, never sitting still. But everyone has to rest sometime. As soon as I finish, and start relaxing, I feel an emotional crash. I get very reflective and sad for really no reason at all. I don’t know what makes my mood shift so quickly, but I can always blame it on the fact that I’m a girl. 🙂

The way I’ve learned to deal with this is by doing something slow and relaxing that makes me happy, like reading a chapter of my book. I also think about all the good things in my life.  Sometimes I make lists. I love lists. I’ll make a list about all the new things I need to do tomorrow, or a list of goals that I have, or even a list of things that brighten my day.

Like Granger Smith holding kittens. Nothing could make me happier.

The good news about when I crash is that I know it won’t last too long. Pretty soon I’ll be feeling better than ever. What makes you crash? Do you have any therapy ready for when you do?


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