Occasional Hodgepodge – Australia Edition

This is going to be a recurring post on my blog. A lot of sites I read do a weekly “roundup” of things around the Internet that interest them. Since I live on the Internet, I decided to jump on this bandwagon, but with a more interesting (and less committed) name. To put my own twist on it, I’m going to talk about each piece (that’s right, you’ll never escape my commentary! – cue maniacal laugh).

23 Reasons You Should Take a Year Off and Head to Australia – I studied abroad in Australia for a month a few years ago, and I can tell you that a month just isn’t enough time. It was an amazing experience and I would have loved to stay longer. Definitely on my “hope I go back” list. Best entry – #14 because breakfast is amazing over there. I had little brekky and big brekky, and sometimes brunch too!

2015 NFL Mock Draft 1.0 – It’s time I admit it. Like a good Southern girl, I am obsessed with football, so you’ll definitely be reading more as we get closer to the fall. I had an excellent time at last week’s Draft, I went to a watching party and cheered for my Ags. Now I’m already excited about next year’s draft, and am praying that Cedric Ogbuehi goes No. 1 overall, like this draft predicts. It’s time for us to get a number one pick.

17 Things People Born in the Late 80s are Currently Experiencing – I love reading articles directed at twentysomethings because, shocker, that’s where I am in life. This one has some funny entries and some true entries. Best entry – #7 because stop remaking everything Hollywood! Here’s a bonus life article that made me feel a lot better about myself – No, You’re Not Falling Behind in Life.

13 Things Every Southern Girl Should Own – This is a series of fun articles from Country Outfitter Style on items every Southern girl should have. From a signature lipstick color, to a forever bag, to a best friend, these articles are full of great Southern pearls of wisdom (and pearl earrings).


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