Internet Hodgepodge – Summer Edition

OK, I had a lot of fun with the Australia edition so here’s another roundup of the things I find on the Internet:

The Single Girl’s Totally Doable Summer Bucket List – This is a fun bucket list even if you’re not a single girl! It’s easy, quirky things to pass the summer away. Some of my favorite items are Number 8, Fill a Coloring Book, Number 13, Reread a Harry Potter Book (although really, Harry Potter books are like Pringles, you can’t read just one) and Number 33, Do Yoga Outside.

Vintage Summer on Crane Lake – This place looks amazing, it’s a resort in Minnesota (right near Canada though) and it’s just so beautiful! I would love to spend some time out here on a boat, exploring the scenery, basically living it up in summer.


Product of the week: Harry Potter stamps! These are on sale at your local post office, and they’re fantastic! The pictures are so awesome, and they come in this cute little book and they’re forever stamps so they’ll always be usable!

Real Simple’s Daily Thoughts and Inspiration Pinterest board – These pins are really inspiring, and really well designed (I love the typography they use). I like to come to this board when I need a pick-me-up.

Video of the week – I cry at every single military homecoming video I see. Without fail. They’re just so amazing, I love seeing the pure joy on people’s faces when they find out their loved one has come home. This is an especially good video because the bride on her wedding day thought her brother wouldn’t get to be there, and (spoiler) he does!


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