New Movie Updates – Sappy Edition

I was looking at new and upcoming movies today, which I love doing (IMDB is my best friend) and I noticed a trend (of course, this is Hollywood, they can’t be expected to be original). Sappy movies, meant to tug on heartstrings and make us cry. Not just any sappy movies, though, but book adaptations. This provides double the crying time, because it won’t be out of your system after just reading or watching.

The most obvious example of this is The Fault in Our Stars, which opened everywhere today. Featuring two kids with cancer who fall in love (one of them is technically in remission, but let’s not nitpick) this is like the jackpot of sappiness. I’ll save my review of this book slash movie for another day, but regardless, The Fault in Our Stars sets the bar high for sappy movies based on books.

Not to be outdone by cancer patients, If I Stay is a movie based on a book where a girl is in a coma after a car crash that changes her whole life in an instant. The trailer alone does its best to make you tear up.

The next entries are both based on books by Nicholas Sparks – that’s right, the godfather of sappy books-turned-movies. I can’t decide which one I’m excited for more, because on the one hand, The Longest Ride features a cowboy played by none other than the son of Clint Eastwood himself, Scott Eastwood. This movie is dripping with sentimentality, just read the description: The lives of a young couple intertwine with a much older man as he reflects back on a lost love while he’s trapped in an automobile crash. Also, for your consideration, a photo tweeted by Scott from the set:

On the other hand, however, and going head to head with The Longest Ride, is Nicholas Sparks’ The Best of Me. Now, I will say this looks like it’s going to be The Notebook but with different characters, but since one of those characters is the love of my life, James Marsden, I really don’t care. He’s amazing and I would marry him except he’s already married. And doesn’t know me, but let’s not focus on the little things. But seriously, just look at the similarities to The Notebook:

Young couple is separated and reunites years later: check
Scene kissing in the rain: check
Parents don’t approve of boy: check
Scene laying on the floor before/after sex: check
Movie has James Marsden in it: check

The only thing I didn’t see was a love triangle, but that doesn’t mean we won’t get one.

Conclusion: Hollywood loves book adaptations, movies intended to make us cry, and Nicholas Sparks. And James Marsden (wait, that’s just me.)


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