Bath and Body Works Semi Annual Sale – Bargain Buys

Inspired by Bronze and Blush’s blog post about her haul from Bath and Body Works, I decided to join the fun and post about the awesome deals I scooped up.


Wild Passion Flower Gentle Foaming Hand Soap and Honolulu Sun Deep Cleansing Hand Soap – $3 each – I love using the deep cleansing hand soap in the kitchen and the gentle foaming one in my bathroom, so I try to keep both in stock. This is a new design for Bath and Body Works, it’s more square, but I like it. These two also smell amazing, and I must have smelled at least 10 in the store, so I know these were my favorites!

Shower Gel in Morocco Orchid & Pink Amber and London Tulips & Raspberry Tea – $3.13 each – I swear I was only going to get one shower gel when I went in, but I absolutely could not pick between these two, they both smelled so good. I may give one to my sister, but she’ll have to decide because I’m still torn.

Small Candle in Lanikai Coconut and Pocketbac Hand Sanitizer in Plum Berry Sorbet – $3 and $0.87 – A candle for three dollars! And coconut is one of my favorite fragrances, (my very first thing I ever had from Bath and Body Works was a body lotion in Coconut Lime Verbana, so to this day it’s one of my faves) so I couldn’t pass this up. The hand sanitizer I really don’t need more of because they’re already everywhere in my apartment, but the sweet shop scents are going away and I really liked this plum one.

Anyway, those are all the goodies I scored! In other news, I upgraded to a yearly Birchbox subscription, so yay for that! It was a deal I couldn’t pass up, because I found a code to get the year for $99, which is $21 off the monthly price if you keep it for a year, plus I got 99 Birchbox points, which is basically another $10 to spend in the store! I’m so excited, and now I’m married to Birchbox for 12 more months, so get excited for all the awesome reviews! I also scored a Julep Maven box for just the price of shipping, so I’ll be reviewing that soon.

In other, other news, it’s my birthday in 10 days so I’m excited about that! I also read an entire book today (Bridge to Haven by Francine Rivers) so you could say I read too much. You could, but I won’t. 🙂 Oh, I also made it to Level 500 in Candy Crush. So now you’re all caught up on my life, haha. Blogging, reading, birthday, Candy Crush.



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