Birchbox – June Review

OK, so I am way behind on reviewing my subscription boxes, but I’m giving myself a pass because it was my birthday yesterday! June is my favorite month for that reason, and I absolutely had the best month box-wise as well. Take a look at my June Birchbox:


This month’s theme was Away We Go, and Birchbox partnered with JetBlue to bring us samples that are great for travelling. I got five products this month, and I’ll start with the standouts:

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser – 1 oz. and 1 cloth – $8 value – I’ve been wanting since I saw the amazing reviews it gets, and this product did not disappoint! It feels so light on your skin, and also has a refreshing minty feel. I’m not certain it removes my makeup any better than other products I’ve used, but the muslin cloth included in the sample really feels like it exfoliates and cleans well. I also love how thin it is, so when I use it at night it’s dry by morning for another use!

Egyptian Magic Skin Cream – .25 oz. – $3.25 value – This cream is actually one of the reasons I originally signed up for Birchbox, it looked so awesome! It’s been in my favorites, and I was super pumped to get it in only my third box! This is a really great sample size, and so far I’ve used the cream as a lip balm, on my hair and on my sunburn I got Saturday (oops!). My only complaint is that since I’m getting it out with my fingers, I can only get a super thin layer, so it was really hard to apply on my shoulders to really get them covered. If it came in like a squeeze tube or something I think that would help application so much more!


Coola Tinted Matte SPF 30 for Face – .17 oz. – $3.60 value – Three Birchboxes, three different tinted sunscreens for my face. One of these days I will totally do a comparison, but this one definitely seems on par with the Cotz and Supergoop ones I got. It did feel a little greasy, but it has a very high spf, which I love, and the sample size is a little bigger than the other two I got, so that was a plus. I actually gave this one to my sister, who wanted to try it out as well.

Cynthia Rowley Beauty Eyeliner – .03 oz. – $12 value – This eyeliner is almost, but not quite, the full size. I got this in black, and agree with most of the other samplers that it goes on really smoothly, and the color lasts forever! I tried to do a smoky eye with this, which didn’t quite work out how I wanted it, but I think I just need a little more smudging practice. The only reason this wasn’t in among my favorites was that I have so, so many eyeliners! They’re taking over my makeup bag haha.

Catherine Malandrino Style de Paris Fragrance – about $2 value – I hadn’t gotten a perfume in my other boxes, so I figured I was due for one. (I selected “not that interested in perfumes” on my style profile, but they can still send you up to six each year.) This is a super expensive perfume, $110 for the full size, so there’s no way I can afford it, but I’ll definitely wear the sample when I want to feel classy. The scent was very citrusy to me, almost overwhelmingly so, but it lasted for a long time and I think fits the “elegant and sophisticated” descriptive from Birchbox.

Finally, as a bonus, they included a travel quiz with JetBlue, to tell you your perfect travel destination! I got Portland, Maine, up by the coast with lighthouses and cliffs and crashing waves. That sounds like just my style, and I’m definitely adding Portland to my travel wishlist.

All together this box was worth $28.85, which, considering I paid $10 and get 50 reward points from reviewing the items, is just a ridiculously good value. If you’re interested in subscribing, click here and we’ll both get 50 extra points!


4 thoughts on “Birchbox – June Review

  1. Hi! I just came across your blog via birchbloggers. I know since you’re a birchblogger that you must love subscription boxes. I wanted to share with you a new sub box coming July 1st from Jamberry Nails – Stylebox. Watch this to find out more: I’d love to send you a free sample to test and blog about!

    • This video is so cute! I’d love to test the box! I do, in fact, love subscription boxes, good guess haha. I’ll shoot you an email.

  2. I feel like I need to add a Birchbox subscription to my Christmas list! Also… you totally need to let me borrow that Egyptian cream 🙂

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