Birchbox News – Choose a July Sample

As revealed in their July Sneak Peek video, this month Birchbox is trying something new – letting subscribers pick a color or shade of one of their samples. This is huge news, as we’ve never been able to customize our boxes so specifically before. Watch the video here:

Now, based on this video I was hoping that we’d get to pick from one of two samples, and then pick the colors. However, that is not the case. (Update: that is exactly the case, see below for more info.) I received an email this morning saying that I could pick from one of two shades of Cynthia Rowley Beauty Creamy Lip Stain, sugar or valentine. (I picked valentine, so hopefully I’ll like it!)

I also came to the conclusion that once Birchbox runs out of these samples, not only do you not get to customize your sample, but you may not be guaranteed that sample at all. So if you really like having absolutely no idea what’s coming, just ignore the email. One of the reasons I think this is the case is that I was also able to select “Surprise Me” as an option, instead of picking my shade. So if you want the sample they chose for you but don’t care what shade, you can select that, and if you don’t answer the email at all my guess is you won’t get the sample that month, so we’ll see if I’m right.

Basically this is a step in the right direction but I would love to be able to pick a sample, not just a color, Birchbox. I really had my eye on one of those nail polishes. What sample did you get to pick? Are you excited about this new development? Let me know!

UPDATE!!! I have wronged Birchbox, they are totally letting you pick between the nail polish and the creamy lip stain. The email highlights the Cynthia Rowley, but at the bottom of the email it says, “Mani-pedis more your thing? Pick a nail polish from Ruffian instead.” Five stars Birchbox, that’s excellent!


3 thoughts on “Birchbox News – Choose a July Sample

  1. Did you notice at the bottom of that email there was a link to the nail polishes? I got the lip stain email,but I picked a nail polish as my add on item using the nail polish link.

    • Not at first, but they had technical difficulties and resent the email and I got to pick the nail polish! Thanks!

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