Julep Maven Review

Whew, am I tired! So, this week I’m actually in Louisville, KY for a conference for work. I am having a blast but am also keeping really long hours, so I definitely have a backlog of posts. (Including one on Louisville!) Anyway, a few weeks ago I did the initial subscription to Julep Maven, a nail polish-centric box. The box typically costs $24.99 but with current code SHIPSHAPE you can get a nautical-themed welcome box for just the $2.99 shipping.

Julep does a style profile, like some other sub boxes, and they sort you into a “genre” of colors, including Boho Glam, Bombshell, Trendy and Classic. When I signed up for a mystery box, however, I was randomly given a style, and I got Bombshell. Check out my box below.


I got three nail polishes, a nail cuticle serum, and an eyeliner/eye pencil combo. First, the nail polishes.


I got an apricot orange, a mustard yellow, and a pale lavender. The only shade I actually like in this group is the lavender, and I recently bought a really similar polish. I do like the finish, though, and the colors go on easily and last a pretty long time, so that’s good. I gifted the orange and yellow, and kept the lavender. I know these boxes are just random, and I happened to dislike my shades.


The box also came with Mighty Nail & Cuticle serum, which I used for a little while but honestly don’t really see the point of. I’m the kind of girl that actually likes my cuticles, because they provide necessary protection for my nail beds, so I don’t really see the point of softening them up or making them look invisible. Also, the serum smelled weird. It does work, though, so if you do feel the need to have soft cuticles, you’ve come to the right product.

Finally, I got Kajal Eye Glider and Sharpener, a dual-ended eyeliner, with black and brown shades, and a pencil sharpener for two sizes. This was probably my favorite product that I got, because I love having two colors in one, and while it is an eye pencil, and I tend to like the creamy eyeliners better, this really does go on smooth and last a while. I also needed a good brown shade, so that was helpful.

Overally, I didn’t hate this box, but I really don’t think it’s something I would pay $24.99 for. Good effort, though, Julep Maven.


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