Birchbox – July Review

Whew! Another exciting month, another delayed Birchbox post. This one’s worth the wait, though. It was another awesome box.

Birchbox July

Before I get started on the contents, I’d like to mention that I also got a Birchbox Plus. These are items that Birchbox discounts and you can purchase so that they come with that month’s Birchbox. You can view this month’s Birchbox Plus items here. For July, though, I purchased the Coloud Pop Headphones for $13. Then, I got an email a little while later saying that my headphones wouldn’t actually ship with my Birchbox, but later. That kind of seemed to defeat the purpose of them, but I went with it. Then, I got another email saying that they would ship out much later than my Birchbox so they were giving me 100 “sorry” points ($10 to spend in the store.) The best part is, I then got them just a little bit later! They’re so cute, and I love the volume controls.


Now, to business. My first product is the Ruffian Nail Lacquer in Rosary (Value – $11 – Full Size!). So, July was actually the first month Birchbox allowed subscribers to choose a sample! We could pick between this nail polish in one of three colors, or a lip stain in one of two colors. I picked this polish, and I’m so glad! It goes on so smoothly, and after just one coat my nails looked awesome, I didn’t even apply a second coat! This cut the time it took to do my nails in half, which is a pretty big deal to me, so I’m gonna go ahead and give this product “favorite item” status.

As an extra, Birchbox included a one-use sample of Ruffian Dressing Room Remover Towelette (Value – $1.20). I haven’t used this yet, because I’m saving it for when I travel, but it’s an awesome idea so I’m glad I got one.


I also got my first Harvey Prince product, a sample of Hello Body Cream (Value – $1). This smells really great, and made my skin feel smooth. That’s really all I ask for out of a body lotion, so I was happy. It has sicilian lemon, spanish mandarin botanicals and shea butter.


My next sample was Benefit Posiebalm (Value – $1.80). This is a cute little lip balm, but even though it’s tinted, I couldn’t really tell. I also thought it was a bit too goopy, but that’s probably just me.

I got a small sample of Agave Healing Oil Treatment (Value – $1.20). This is to treat “frizzy, unmanageable hair.” My hair did look smooth after I used it, but I didn’t see a huge difference. It felt nice, though, and I have no complaints so it was a good sample.


My last sample is Vasanti’s BrightenUp! Face Rejuvenator (Value – $5.50). This is a face scrub that I could definitely feel working, it was almost too abrasive for me. It recommends using 3 to 5 times a week, and I definitely think I would go with 3 times, so as not to aggravate my skin.

Birchbox teamed up with Women’s Health this month (as you can tell by the box above) and so as an extra they included a 12-step challenge for the month, which included challenges I accomplished (part your hair differently!) and challenges I didn’t accomplish (start taking cold showers – um, pass). Still, it was a fun activity for the month. They also included a one-year subscription to Women’s Health (worth $9.99!) or a refund of that amount if you sent it back to them with a receipt of your box. That sounds like a lot of trouble, and I love magazines, so I’m going to send the pre-paid postage card by itself and get the magazine!


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