Review – John Masters Organics Sea Mist

So, lately I’ve been lucky to get one post in a week. I started blogging again because it relaxes me to write and it’s fun to talk about my books, designs I love and beauty of course. Therefore I refuse to feel guilty or be stressed about not posting enough, but at the same time I want to keep a regular schedule, both for my readers and for myself. Long story short, I’m going to try to post as much as I can, but be patient with me because I’m not perfect.

Now! On to a review of a product I love, love, love. I’d been wanting to try a sea salt spray forever, and after reading a ton of reviews and seeing John Masters Organics Sea Mist come out on top time after time, I caved and decided to buy it. Here’s a link to their website, but I actually bought it from DermStore because it was cheaper, and I got a 10% off coupon, and they gave me some free samples to go with it!

Sea Salt Spray

My favorite thing about this spray is probably the ingredient list, which I hardly ever say. All it has in it is Water, Sea Salt and Lavender Oil. Talk about simple! And it smells amazing. But that’s all you need. This stuff works great.

There are a ton of ways to use this spray, either on wet or dry hair, before you style or just go natural, you name it. I sometimes put this on my dry hair when I’m in a hurry, but I think the results are better when you use it on wet, and when you apply overnight. What I did was spray this liberally on my damp hair, then put my hair in a bun and went to bed.


As you can see, I’m not the best at hair. What you see is what you get. So in the morning you just take down the bun, scrunch your hair a little, maybe spray a little more Sea Mist to achieve your desired look. But that’s pretty much it! Easy!

After - Sea SaltSo volume! Such hair! Wow! Now you, too, can look like you just got back from the beach without getting so much as a seashell out of it.

Do you have a great technique for sea salt spray? I’d love to hear it!


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