Treatsie Box Review

July was an awesome month for me, subscription-box-wise. Not only did I get a great Birchbox, I got a free box from Treatsie, a subscription service that curates artisan sweets and sends you samples each month for $19.95 ($15 plus $4.95 shipping). However, if you use code FREEBOX22 all you pay is the shipping. So let’s talk about my box.


During the summer months, Treatsie ships this box in a cold pack to keep the chocolate from melting, which is totally necessary in Texas in July, so that was nice.



So, normally I don’t place a lot of importance on packaging, but this tissue paper-sticker combo is just so cute I can’t handle it.


This month came with three types of items, and six items total. First up is Raley’s Confectionary Treatsie Variety Mix Hard Candy ($6 value). This full size! bag of hard candy has a ton of different flavors. Each one has a sugary coating, and what tasted like a sugar cane inside (there was even a little shoot). It was sweet at first and then sour, which isn’t really my cup of tea so this was probably my least favorite item of the box, but my dad loves hard candy so I’ll be giving this to him and I’m sure it’ll be a hit.


Second, I got two kinds of Shotwell Candy Co. Caramels – Hand-Crushed Espresso and Old Fashioned Cocktail ($3 value each). Each sample came with three caramels in a cute little bag, and they were really high quality caramel, very soft, the stick-in-your-teeth-forever kind of caramels. The cocktail one was super good and didn’t last long. I loved the flavor of the espresso one, but didn’t care much for the crunchy bits of espresso actually mixed in (although that is how you know it’s not just flavoring).


Last, and my personal favorite, I got three full-size bars of Seattle Chocolates – in Dark Chocolate Truffle, Milk Chocolate Truffle and Total Toffee ($3.50 value each). This is the kind of great chocolate that is rich and smooth and just melts in your mouth. I’ve been savoring mine for the last couple of weeks, because I’m a chocolate hoarder, I’ll admit it. Great job curating this box, Treatsie.

The total value of my box was $22.50, which is pretty much on par with what they charge, but was an awesome deal for me considering I just paid shipping. I don’t plan on continuing with Treatsie, but that’s more because I’m cheap and less because it wasn’t worth it. Was there something in this box you loved, or are dying to try? Let me know in the comments, and have a sweet day!



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