August Birchbox Review

OK, I’ve actually been dreading this review a little bit, but August is almost over so it’s now or never. This was my least favorite Birchbox of all that I’ve gotten. It just wasn’t up to their usual standards, in my opinion.


This box started out on a great note – they added complimentary adjectives to each person’s address. I was “the lovely” and I have to tell you, it was a really small thing on Birchbox’s part, but just made my day and is one of the reasons I love this company.


This was my box, and it looks perfectly acceptable. Nothing really stands out, but all solid samples.


So, the first thing I noticed is that Birchbox sent me two conditioner samples of Neil George – these are great sample size, too, but I was supposed to get a shampoo and conditioner combo. I emailed Birchbox, though, and they said they’d send me a replacement. I never got it, but I did get 100 “sorry” points, so once again their customer service came through. I really liked this conditioner, it worked well, it just lost points because I didn’t get to try the shampoo.


Next up is my favorite sample – Paula’s Choice RESIST Intensive Wrinkle-Repair Retinol Serum. That’s basically a huge name for an oil you put on your face that’s supposed to make your wrinkles disappear. I’m only 25, so I gosh darn better not have any wrinkles yet, but this stuff felt gentle, and not too greasy, so I’ll use the rest up as a preventative measure.


My least favorite sample, by far, was Whish Coconut Milk CC Body Cream. It’s a lotion that’s supposed to bronze your skin, but why would I want just my hands to be tanner than the rest of my skin? There’s not enough to put everywhere. It also has a shimmer that is really noticeable, so I’m basically covering my hands with glitter as well. The worst part of the lotion, though, was the smell – it was just really off-putting to me. I didn’t think it smelled like coconut at all, and it was really strong. I will not be using the rest of this.

My sample choice for this month was Laura Geller Beauty Cool Lids Cream Eyeshadow. I am not sorry I got this, but it wasn’t my favorite product. It says you need to blend it well with your finger, but I thought it didn’t blend smoothly at all – it was really clumpy in some parts, and bare in other spots on my eye. I couldn’t get even coverage without just overloading on eyeshadow. A lot of other people really liked this sample, though, so I may just be really bad at it.

Regardless, this box did nothing to diminish my love for Birchbox, and I can’t wait for September. (I’ve already chosen the Liz Earle cream and cloth as my sample – even though I’ve already got one, this is my chance to stock up!)


2 thoughts on “August Birchbox Review

  1. I hate writing bad subscription box reviews too, especially Birchbox. I love the company and I don’t want to say anything negative about them, but sometimes you just have those months where there are more duds than gems. I got the Neil George duo too, and I was not a fan of the shampoo at all, so from my perspective you weren’t missing out!

    • Agreed! And that’s good to know, I’ll save the conditioner for when I get a shampoo only sample. (Or one of those dinky foil packets.)

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