Limited Edition Birchbox – Fall Fête

Today we’re going to play a game I like to call “Help me make a decision because I’m incapable of doing it alone.” Birchbox has released a limited edition Fall Fête box (a fête is just another word for party, but party doesn’t begin with ‘f’) for $48 and I am just completely on the fence about whether to purchase it. Therefore, I’m doing what all indecisive people do and polling everyone I know to find out if I should get it. (With this release, they also got rid of the limited edition Free For All box, but if you wanted that you had plenty of time.) So, let’s take a look.

Things that look awesome to me:

govino ‘go anywhere’ decanter (value $10) – I don’t have a decanter and if it really makes wine taste better (or least look better) I am all for it.

Greenleaf Room Spray (value $9) – It’s apple spice and cinnamon scented, and all I can say is ‘Yum!’

Royal Rose Simple Syrup (value $5.50) – This is two 2 oz. bottles in Raspberry and Lavender-Lemon. I don’t know how far 2 oz. will go, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy the ride. (Incidentally, this is also the only product in the box that isn’t full size.)

Things I’m on the fence about:

Core Bamboo Classic or Square Salad Hands (value $18) – I’m on the fence about this one because while having salad hands sounds cool, they don’t let you pick which style you get, and while I really like the square ones, honestly the classic ones weird me out. They just look too much like hands and I can’t handle it.

Seriously, look at those top ones. So weird.

Core Kitchen Essential Silicone 4 Piece Pinch Bowl Set (value $20) – I’m not sure about these because they do look useful, but I have so many bowls already and I love the purple-and-blue option but not so much the red-and-orange option.

Things I like but don’t need:

Birchbox Exclusive Printed Coasters (value $10) – So cute, but I don’t know how durable these will be.

Rifle Paper Co. Place Cards (value $7) – Place cards are way above my preparedness level when it comes to party throwing. But these are precious.

Seriously, precious.

Knot & Bow Party Confetti Bag (value $10) – This is cut-up tissue paper that they are somehow charging $10 for, so this product wins the outrageous pricing award for today. Still, it looks cute even though I’m sure it would get everywhere.

Overall value of the box – $94.45. This is a great value, and it gets even better. See, I just got a 20 percent off coupon from Birchbox for being with them 6 months, plus I have $45 credit to spend. However, other things I was hoping to get before I saw this box were this cute Birchbox sweater, a new mascara and a good dry shampoo (possibly Klorane Oat Milk or Amika). So, I’m totally torn. Suggestions? (And don’t say buy everything, I’m poor you guys.)


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