Internet Hodgepodge – Heartwarming football players edition

So, the media has been all over the NFL for the way a lot of their players have been acting, with good reason. But there are thousands of football players across the country that have done nothing newsworthy whatsoever, except be the best in their field. I want to talk about some of those guys today. (And not just Peyton Manning. Everyone already knows he’s a stand-up guy.)

The ‘Chance Encounter’ a Football Player had at a Bookstore that Proves You Can’t Judge a Book by its Cover – This is my favorite kind of story, because it combines football and reading. Georgia superstar Malcolm Mitchell is a phenomenal wide receiver whose hobbies include a book club with a bunch of older women. He loves reading, and I loved reading about him (the video was also excellent, I recommend watching it along with the article).

Product of the week – My product this week is Tom’s Shoes – A&M Campus Classics. I am a huge Aggie fan, I wear these shoes all the time and they are so comfy. My favorite thing about Toms, though, is their one for one policy. For every pair of shoes you buy, Toms donates another pair to someone in need. They donate shoes all around the world, and locally.  The campus classics collection isn’t available right now, but they have so many other cute shoes and I am definitely putting more of these on my “to buy” list.

Former NFL Player Retired So He Could Donate Kidney to His Brother – The headline says all you need to know about this story. Two NFL players, two brothers. One needed a kidney transplant so the other gave up his spot on the Ravens to donate his. Best quote: “I’m the oldest of the seven kids, and it’s my responsibility to take care of my younger brothers and sisters. If my younger siblings need blood, it’ll be my blood. If they need a kidney, it’ll have to be my kidney.”

8 Reasons Men Fall in Love with Good Girls – In keeping the heartwarming theme, I decided to include this as hope for all the self-professed “good girls” out there to counteract my post earlier about how smart girls get cats, mostly. Obviously not all of these apply to me, but I do hate the hookup culture a lot of 20-something singles have adopted.

Video of the Week – This is an extremely motivational video by a four-year-old who gives herself a pep talk every morning. So cute, and she has a great message.


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