Things that make me mad – Basic Edition

First, a blogging update. I really want to blog more often, but I always seem to struggle with topics. I love writing reviews but those take such a long time for me to put together that I can rarely do more than one a week. So, in an effort to post more frequently, I’m branching out and will hopefully find plenty of new topics to talk about. First up is things that make me mad, because I’m very opinionated, and passionate about those opinions. (Spoiler – most of the posts in this category will be people who do stupid things.)

So, it’s come to my attention that the trendy slang word right now is to call someone “basic.” Usually this is in reference to white girls in their 20s, and so I’ve also seen them called “basic bitches.” This makes me really mad, possibly unreasonably so. But I think that calling someone basic, while maybe meant to be funny-insulting, is actually snide, demeaning and horribly arrogant. Using the word basic to describe someone is never OK.

Basic seems to have come about because there are so many people that like the same things, especially in the fall – Pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks, scarves, Instagram, Sex and the City, Taylor Swift, etc. I’m sorry, but those are all really popular things, and liking some or all of them does not mean you’re just like everyone else – it means you like to have things in common with people, to build connections. It also maybe means those things are ACTUALLY GOOD. (As a disclaimer, I don’t understand the pumpkin spice latte trend at all, and I’ve never seen a single episode of Sex and the City, but I’m not going to look down on people who do.) I just don’t think it’s in any way acceptable to scorn other people for their interests, whether those interests include taking lots of pictures of your cat, or playing Halo 3 nonstop. Or playing Halo 3 against your cat. (Although I would probably judge you a little bit if your cat beat you.)

Yes, I get that being basic also means being shallow and materialistic, but I think it’s even more shallow to make assumptions about people you don’t really know. I know I live in a fairy-tale world a lot of the time, but I think that people are unique, and have so many different things to offer, that you can’t peg them so easily (this actually holds true for “hipsters” and “nerds” but “basic” just seems so much more insulting to me than either of those).

How do you feel? Would you be insulted if someone called you basic, or think it was funny? Do you think being basic is even a thing?


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