Limited Edition Birchbox Review – Fall Fete

So, I caved (you knew I would) and bought the Limited Edition Birchbox – Fall Fete. I went ahead and added that BB sweatshirt as well, and I could not be happier with my purchase.



First off, it came in the cutest box (purple’s my favorite color, as I’m sure you know by now) and it’s big enough that I can totally repurpose it. The sweatshirt is really cute as well, and so soft! My only complaint is that it’s so thin that it’s really more like a long sleeve shirt than a sweatshirt (but it’s shaped like a sweatshirt) but I didn’t think the length was too short, like other Birchboxers have said.


Here’s all the items together! I can’t wait to throw a party with these.


Core Bamboo Classic Salad Hands (value $18) – So, I got the version of the salad hands that I didn’t want, but it turned out OK because they look much less like hands in real life. They’re so big that they make excellent salad tossers (all I’ve used before this is my fork haha) and overall are a good addition to my kitchen.


Core Kitchen Essential Pinch Bowl Set (value $20) – Luckily, I totally got the version of these bowls that I wanted! The purple and blue are so cute. These are squishy bowls, and while they’re pretty small I think they’ll come in very handy for holding sauces or nuts or as measuring cups (they’re all 1/2 cup). Definitely a win.


Birchbox Exclusive Printed Coasters (value $10) – These are so cute, and I love that they’re reversible so if you want to mix and match or just match you’re all set! (Also if you get a stain on one, just flip it over and it’s good as new!) These are made of heavy paper, so they won’t last forever but will definitely make through at least a few parties.


Knot and Bow Party Confetti Bag (value $10) and Rifle Paper Co. Placecards (value $7) – I think of these as fun extras. I don’t really know whether I’ll use them or not because my parties tend to not be this fancy, but I think the confetti could make a really cute decoration around a centerpiece, and the placecards could be good for labelling dishes I bring elsewhere (what it is, if it has allergy-prone ingredients) so I’m glad they were included, even though they don’t really add to the value for me personally.


Greenleaf Room Spray (value $9) – Ohmigosh I’m obsessed with this. It’s apple cinnamon scented, and I love it so much I spray it constantly, even when I’m not having company or anything. I just want my house to smell like this all the time. It’s really strong so I definitely don’t need a lot, and if you’re sensitive to scents I would recommend spraying it in a corner or somewhere you don’t go. The smell will still spread to the whole room.


Royal Rose Simple Syrup (value $5.50 for two) – This was the only thing in the box not full-size, and I haven’t tried either yet because I’m saving them for a special occasion since I really don’t know how long they’ll last once I open them. The flavors are raspberry and lavender-lemon, and they both sound so yummy. I wish they had instructions for what you could add them to (I know tea, but that’s about it) as well as how much syrup to put per cup (I like my stuff sweet, but I don’t want to overdo it).


Govino ‘go anywhere’ Decanter (value $14.95) – This is a really useful item for me. It’s a small pitcher if I want to use it like that, or I can put wine in it (it’s supposed to make even inexpensive wine taste better, which is good because that’s all I buy) or I can put water and fruit in it (haven’t tried that yet, any suggestions for recipes?). It’s shatter proof and has a thumb imprint for a handle, which actually works quite well. Now I just need those matching cocktail glasses and I’ll be set.

So this was such a fun box, I’m really glad I got it. It has also definitely cemented my obsession with limited edition boxes, so I think I’m going to be saving all my points for those now. (BB said they’d be putting out quite a few for winter, yay!) And even though it cost $42, between my points and 20% off coupon this and the sweatshirt only cost me $12, so I am totally on board for that!


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