Galactic Loot Crate Review

So, I know I’m a little behind on this review but since people haven’t gotten this month’s Loot Crate (their next theme is Fear) I think I’m still OK posting about September’s. This was one of my “try-once-and-then-cancel” subscription boxes because it’s not something I can justify spending money on every month, but I had a coupon for $3 off (this month use code REV3 for 20% off, which is about $3 for a one-month sub). September’s theme was Galactic:


Now, I was told that this month would feature items from Star Wars, Star Trek and Firefly. I love Star Wars, I’m absolutely obsessed with Firefly, and I’ve seen all the new Star Trek movies even if I haven’t seen the Original Series or Next Generation, so I figured I’d be OK. Then, to my dismay Loot Crate announced that they would ALSO be including stuff from Alien. I’ve never seen that movie, or had any desire to see it. I paid for Firefly swag and I wanted Firefly swag! Upon getting my box, I discovered they really only included one thing from each franchise, plus a few small extras.


This was my Alien item – an action figure of Ripley. Luckily, I got Sigourney Weaver who I do like, as opposed to the gross Alien or a character I don’t care about. She redeemed my Alien extra.


Star Trek was only mildly redeemable. I got a collectible “Tribble,” which I’ve never heard of because again I’ve only seen the new movies. All it is is an orange puff ball (apparently in the series it’s a poisonous thing from another planet that’s a villain in some episodes).


Close up of my Tribble. It’s fuzzy and weird, but it could be worse I guess.


On to my favorite item of the box! A Pop Funko Mystery Mini of Mal Reynolds, the main character of Firefly (played by Nathan Fillion, who I’m also obsessed with). This is so cute and, at a $9.99 value, almost pays for the whole box.


The Star Wars item they included was a poster of Han Solo trapped in carbonite. Man, if you’re gonna give me a poster of Harrison Ford, couldn’t it have at least been him looking all cute or something, instead of weird and creepy in carbonite? This item was a wash.



My small extras for this month was Firefly money (I never really saw what their money looked like, so I guess I just have to take Loot Crate’s word for it that this is it), an Asteroid video game magnet, Pop Rocks which my roommate immediately took because I think they’re gross, and a Loot Crate magazine going over all the items.

There you have it. Not the worst subscription box in the world, but definitely not one I would pay for more than once. If you’re interested, they cost $19.37 per month after shipping, and you can subscribe here. What did you think of this box? Do you have Loot Crate? Let me know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Galactic Loot Crate Review

  1. Oh I didn’t know about this box! Will definitely take a look and see what shows/fandoms they offer. 🙂 I don’t get what the items in this month’s box has to do with “fear” though…

    x Carol

    • I love hearing about new boxes! And the month I got was themed “Galactic” and had to do with space stuff. October’s theme is fear, and that box hasn’t gotten to people yet. I’ll put a link in the post.

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