One Direction Limited Edition Makeup Collection – Review

I received One Direction’s new makeup collection for review*. This was a well curated collection in my opinion, and I think it’s especially appropriate for teenage girls. Here are the three tins I received (there were five total, one for each band member): DSC_1128   To be honest, I was a little disappointed that each tin contained the same makeup. It would have been a better use of the limited edition collection to have different shades and palettes in each tin, so that you could then collect them all if you wanted. As it is I’m not sure why you’d want five identical makeup palettes. DSC_1129   Each palette came with six eye shadows, four lip glosses, an eye liner pencil, a lip gloss top coat and two nail varnishes, along with applicator brushes for the eye shadows and lip glosses. The eye shadows were my favorite part of the collection, I loved the shimmery shades they offer (silver, pink, mint, brown, purple and black). They match well with each other and are neutral enough to match almost any look I’d want. They eye shadow goes on easily, and while it didn’t last all day it still looked nice while it did. My favorite lip gloss was the brighter color, as these go on pretty sheer and I like to have a little color on my lips. If you layered them over a lipstick, though, it would look nice as well. The nail varnishes were also too sheer for my taste, and I’m not sure why you would want your lips to have glitter on them, which is what the lip gloss top coat is for, but hey, different strokes for different folks. Overall this was a very nice collection, and I definitely recommend it to someone looking for a cute Christmas present. *This complimentary product was sent to me via Brandbacker for the purposes of an honest review.


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