The Quarterly Good Office Box | Summer 2017 | Marie Mae Company


First – a little background. Marie Mae Company sells socially conscious office and writing supplies. The company actually started a Business School which teaches classes and training for entrepreneurs each year – the inaugural Marie Mae Business School was in Rwanda. Each item you buy from this company provides one hour of training for someone. That’s incredible! I love how this company does more than just donate profits or money to a cause – they are making a tangible difference.

The Summer 2017 Quarterly Good Office Box is Marie Mae’s first foray into the subscription box world – it costs $49.95 and technically speaking, is not a subscription because you buy each one separately.

I signed up for their email list, and won a free box before they put them on sale. If you’re interested, you can buy one here. This was a giveaway, I was not given this box for review, but these are my honest opinions about it.




Plain packaging, and the tissue paper is par for the course with subscription boxes nowadays. Also common is a booklet detailing the items included, but Marie Mae goes above and beyond here. The paper is stellar quality, with thick, glossy magazine pages, and the actual booklet not only lists the usual item details, it has a page giving you ideas for your new products, a page that discusses the Marie Mae Business School and more. Here are a few pictures:

Beautiful design!

The box includes:


Ripple Coffee from Peru: $12.50 Retail Value

I love the packaging of this coffee, and medium roast is a blend most people can enjoy, but this is whole bean coffee so I haven’t opened mine yet because I will have to find a grinder somewhere first.

Coffee Scoop from Kenya: $12.00 Retail Value

This is my possibly my favorite item in the box, just for how unique it is! It’s hand carved from olive wood by artisans in Kenya, and the handle is bleached cow bone, carved to resemble the antlers of savanna antelopes. What a cool story! It also pairs so well with the coffee, making them feel like a higher value set.


Notepad and To Do List Sticky Notes: $14.00 Retail Value

This is the most boring/possibly most useful product in the box. I actually love that the sticky notes have to do list checkboxes, because that’s most commonly what I use sticky notes for – now I have to learn how to write that small though!



“Do Good” Print: $14.00 Retail Value

The RV on this feels a little inflated, considering it’s the words “Do good” printed on cardstock. The booklet suggests it would look great in a fun frame on your desk. I would probably pin this up on my cubicle’s bulletin board, but I save most of my frames for pictures.

Weekly Planner in Gray: $18.00 Retail Value

This planner includes a fitness tracker, gratitude journal and meal planner, and it has 26 weekly and notes pages. I love that this planner isn’t dated, so if you’re like me and sometimes go a few weeks between keeping organized, you can pick up right where you left off and not waste any pages! The planner is a good size, but thin and well-made. I’m excited to start using it.


Spiral Notebook in Green: $28.00 Retail Value

This is the “hero item” of the box, and I cannot emphasize enough what high quality it is. On their site, Marie Mae sells a number of color options, but this box always contains the forest green notebook. The cover is extremely thick book cloth, with the words “Write with Purpose” in gold foil stamp, and the spirals are very sturdy. The size is 7.5″ x 9.5″, so it’s slightly smaller than a piece of notebook paper, and I love that. It feels like just the right size for me. I will definitely be bringing this to my work meetings.

Overall Retail Value: $98.50 

I feel like the box is a great value overall – you’re basically getting all these items for half price. I think Marie Mae really came out strong with this first box, and I am looking forward to seeing what the company has in store for future boxes! Interesting to note is that half of these items are for sale individually from Marie Mae, but they really don’t have a large product selection, so I’m not sure what direction they’ll go in once they run out of their products.



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