November Birchbox Review

For the November Birchbox, I ordered the curated box. Birchbox collaborated with Buzzfeed, and let subscribers know exactly what would be in the box beforehand. I really liked some of the items, so I reserved it, but then found out later that everyone who didn’t get the curated box would get a sample of chocolate, and honestly I felt a little gipped. Birchbox said they decided to either give everyone the bonus item for that month, or not do one. But way to wait until some users have picked already! Birchbox also partnered with (RED), an organization that helps fight AIDS, and so for ever user that posted a picture of the facts that came on their box, Birchbox would donate one dollar. But, again, my curated box did not come with AIDS facts, so I was unable to participate in this. Regardless, let’s check out my box this month:





OMG, it’s Buzzfeed Life, Happy Holiday Hacks. It came with the usual product card.


DSC_1109I got some sweet samples, so let’s dive in.



These two products are what made me pick the box. I have been wanting to try new dry shampoo for quite some time, and amika perk up dry shampoo comes highly recommended. I thought this dry shampoo smelled really nice and made my hair less greasy for sure, but I’m a little iffy on whether or not it added any volume. The sample size was a little small for me, but this should still last me a while if I use it sparingly.


Here’s a close-up of my candle (I got a little picture happy this month). It’s the Greenleaf Candle in silver spruce, and has a very wintry scent, which I liked. The sample didn’t come in a nice votive like the full-size does, but I have plenty of those lying around and overall I’m very pleased with this.



This was a very weird product, possibly the weirdest I’ve ever gotten in my Birchbox. It’s the Dr. Jart+ Pore Minimalist Mask, but it’s not like any mask I’ve ever worn. Instead of being a cream or lotion you put on your face and let sit, it’s a fabric cutout soaked in the cleanser. I thought it made me look like a criminal. I took a picture, but I looked absolutely ridiculous so I’m not posting here unless y’all need to see what I’m talking about to believe me. It was a little big for me, which makes sense because they’d want it to fit everyone and I have a small face, and I feel like it cleansed my face. There was some tingling while I had it on, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. I got used to the fabric pretty quickly. So not a bad product, just not what I was expecting at all.



Finally, I got Mirenesse iCurl mascara, which I love, it works well and I think it adds volume and curve to my lashes. And I got Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for lips. If I hadn’t just gotten that crazy mask I would have said this is the weirdest product Birchbox has sent me. I am not one of those girls that sees something called nipple balm for nursing mothers and thinks, “I should put that on my mouth.” I can see why it works, though, it was very thick and stayed on my lips for quite a while. It was too goopy and sticky for me, but if my lips were really chapped I would probably use it.

So if you hadn’t guessed, I will not be requesting any more curated boxes, I’ll stick with the surprises Birchbox sends me plus the one sample I get. I just don’t want to miss out on bonus items or collaborations with other organizations. This Buzzfeed box was still a success, though, and overall I’m happy with what I got.



Internet Hodgepodge: Terry Pratchett edition

So, I haven’t had one of these posts in a while. (I haven’t seen that much stuff on the internet worth sharing, frankly.) However, there have been some exciting announcements and funny videos lately, so here I bring you the interesting stuff I’ve been viewing on the Internet.

A Radio Play of Pratchett and Gaiman’s Good Omens is Happening – Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman are absolute geniuses, this book is one of my favorites and the UK agrees with me because it’s turning the book into a play that will be aired on the radio (radio is still huge in the UK, apparently) featuring Peter Serafinowicz and Mark Heap. Pratchett and Gaiman will also have parts. I am pumped about this and definitely plan to tune in.

Product of the week – this week I am obsessed with my new copy of Friends: The Complete Series. I’ve seen most of the episodes (thanks, Nick at Nite!) but now I get to watch any episode, any time I want. This TV show, despite being off the air for more than a decade, is still one of my all-time favorites. And, yes, anyone who tells you someone besides Monica and Chandler are the best is wrong.

Serious aside – What Our Reaction to the Nude Celeb Leak Says About Us – There’s been a lot going around the Internet about the hackers that released nude photos of a ton of celebrities. Pretty much everyone I’ve spoken to about this has said “If you don’t want nude photos on the Internet, don’t take nude photos” and while this is my own personal philosophy and has worked well for me, I don’t judge other people for the non-illegal things they do and regardless of how questionable a decision it was, that doesn’t make it OK that this happened to them or that they somehow deserved it. The article I linked to was written by my favorite (usually comedy) writer at Cracked.

Videos of the week – To offset my serious article, this week I’m giving you two videos, both a funny video and a cute video. The cute video is first, and it’s a fake video of giant men meeting tiny kittens for the first time, and it is awesome. The funny video is about if Disney princes were real, they’d make terrible boyfriends. Seriously, would you date a homeless person who lied to you about who he was? Princess Jasmine did. Both videos are from Buzzfeed.